Marketing Insights Paired with
Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Academic Research


trueSCAN started as a fixation prediction system built on a solid foundation using the principles of information theory which has been extended and optimized using machine learning techniques.

Building on previous eye tracking research, neural modelling and machine learning, trueSCAN additionally combines results from different vendors to quickly assess where most people are most likely to look first. In turn, Marketers, Product Managers and UX Designers can be more confident and more intentional with their message.


How it Works

The basic intuition behind trueSCAN’s algorithm is the idea that visual elements which are unusual or unexpected will draw the eye. 

For example, attention will naturally be drawn to human faces, areas of high contrast, shapes and bold colors. 


Humans x Machine

Human attention is complex. Your design may be eye catchy, however is it informative or meaningful? 

Merging results from multiple tools for predictive and webcam eye tracking our trained analysts compares and assess what conveys meaning and will be perceived as relevant. Hence giving you the expert advise on optimization tips, in addition to predictive eye tracking results that an off-the shelf system gives.