An easy way to understand customer used by leading marketers and UX designers

trueSCAN uses predictive eye tracking paired with neuromarketing consulting to 
increase marketing conversion rates.

How trueSCAN Works

The process is as easy as sending us the design or content you want to test, and letting us generate an insights report. Our analysts will then guide you through recommended changes and align with your success metrics. 

Step 1

Upload your design

Send us your design in JPG or PDF format. Mention your objectives, as well as the desired customer action.​​

Step 2

Get heatmap and recommendations​

We run your file through our computer vision model and provide you with a trueSCAN report within 48 hours.​​

Step 3

Iterate design and track results​

Book a conversation with our analysts to activate your new insights, improve the design, and track results.​​

Easier Than Conventional Eye Tracking

Conventional eye tracking studies can cost $20,000+ and take 2 weeks to complete. By reducing the cost and shortening the turnaround, we are making eye tracking accessible to all.

More cost effective
As accurate


Marketers, Product Managers and UX Designers Use trueSCAN For

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Physical Mail

Increase DM response rates by focusing on an intended call to action.

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Package Design

Stand out at the shelf with unique packaging shapes and colors. 

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Out of Home

Be seen quickly and be easily understood, in the blink of an eye.

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Retail Design

Build better POS displays, planograms and in store experiences.

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Digital Media

Create intuitive digital experiences by eliminating noise and friction.

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Email Marketing

Improve open and click through rates by using imagery to your advantage.

Success Stories

More than 150 brands have used trueSCAN to gain unprecedented insight into how they are perceived and to build emotional connections with their customers.


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