Burger King

Increase coupon redemption rates by 26% and gross profits from coupons by 46%


Improve Angry Whopper redemption

In 2015, Burger King was revamping its visual identity and needed a solution to improve coupon performance. In the quick-service restaurant business, coupon mailers are a proven marketing tactic that brings people in the door. The goal was to determine ways in which the direct mail initiatives can be more successful.


Angry Tendercrisp was confusing potential customers

Areas of visual focus are represented in yellow and orange on the heatmap. Without a focal center of attention, the human eye would easily be overwhelmed by the amount of information and unclear about a course of action. 


Simplify the design and make it easy to understand

The modifications recommended in the trueSCAN report included increasing contrast around the hero product and call-to-action, keeping the main offer coupon close to the tagline, using simple background images, and increasing the number of coupons included in the self-mailer.

“Even though our established ad mail campaigns were successful and profitable, we were blown away by how well customers responded to this new approach”

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Sharron Fry
National Marketing Manager
Burger King Canada.


+26% in redemption rate
+46% in gross profit on coupons

Burger King mails 15 million coupons per year. Thanks to the trueSCAN feedback, adjusted layout and refined targeting, the coupons can receive increased noticeability and benefit from simplified messaging and maximum impact.

This story was featured on the Canada Post blog.