MD Financial Management

One of the best performing email marketing campaigns to date, with 60% open and 5% clickthrough rates.


Increase email conversion rates

MD Financial Management offers a full suite of investment management and financial planning services to physicians and their families. In 2018, the brand was preparing to launch a suite of financial products and the stakes were high. 


The stakes were high for the new product line

Previous email open rates were in the teens, and the creative did not help the products stand out in a meaningful way.


Products did not stand out at a glance

Focus was distributed unevenly across the email, with the second paragraph attracting attention first. However, it was not intuitive or easy to understand who the brand was and what the products were about.


Brand emphasis and simple icons draw attention to products

The new design allows for initial attention on the brand logo, helping to improve brand awareness.  New imagery and icons draw the eye to the products, making it easy to understand each offering. A decrease in the amount of text content makes it much easier to quickly digest. Finally, as this was the first of a series of communications, the message ‘stay tuned’ is very visible within an area typically ignored, the footer.


Up to 60% increase in open rates and 5% CTR

After making the recommended changes, MD Financial Management saw a 3-4X increase in their email marketing open rates, as well as one of the highest click through rates of 5%.

The redesign of the emails fueled a revamp of their online presence using trueSCAN, including desktop and mobile website. All direct mail executions were also optimized using trueSCAN for a holistic brand experience.